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Ghost Fragment: Aldnoah 1

"Since you're early visiting me, that means there's some major news you just have to share with me right now."

"The ancient aliens who created Aldnoah might have been discovered. Researchers compared the ruins on Venus to the Hypergate on the Moon and found them to be nearly identical."

"...OK, that is a big find. What did they uncover?"

"Here, look at this."

"Seriously? That looks like vaguely like Solis. They really think something like kataphrakts built the Hypergates?"

"No. They appear to have been a race of intelligent cybernetic beings, though it is possible that some kataphrakts were based on their physiology. More importantly, the reason why researchers believe Aldnoah has failed so far in efforts to replicate it is because it was simply an attempt by these 'Vex' to simulate the Traveller's abilities."

"So, what they're basically saying is that Aldnoah has always been just a cheap knock-off?"

"Not as you put it. It was simply – if one could say 'simply' about something so complex – their attempt to understand how it works, which was also why..."

"...Why the power depreciated when it was granted to someone by a member of the royal family."

"Yes. It seemed that Dr. Vers Rayvers inadvertently became a hub for their network, and only biological descendants were recognised by the network as 'slave' hubs."

"Charming. I imagine this means Aldnoah research has been abandoned. Why study the imitation when you have the real thing almost literally hovering over your head?"

"...In so many words."

"But you know what this means, right? The royal family doesn't have to be solely responsible for maintaining life on a dead world, not with the Traveller terraforming it and making Aldnoah obsolete. Mars hasn't needed provisions from Earth for over a year, maybe they could finally..."

"The political situation is still unstable. The people still look to the Empress for leadership, if no longer the metaphorical lifeblood of the planet."

"...Oh. That's a shame. I was hoping Mars would start to become more democratic by now. But I suppose some things never change."
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His saviour didn't so much as wait around for Slaine before moving on at a brisk pace, apparently trusting that he would follow. He did so without needless questions, easily catching up to her with longer strides...which was why he nearly collided with her back when she abruptly halted. Considering how petite she was, he almost feared knocking her over, and in the back of his mind he was grateful he was able to stop without losing his balance and devolving into a flailing mess.

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Note: So RL has pwned me pretty hard, but I've been chipping away at this all this time. It's just been...really slow. As it is, this part of the chapter is only partially-done. But I figured that I should put something up for the time being.
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With the danger passed, the Hunter had the time to stare hard at the newbie she had helped out of his predicament. She had to admit that she had seen a lot of amazing things in her time, and thought she was at the point where very little was capable of surprising her. Such times when she was genuinely surprised were rare.This was one of those times.

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It was bad enough that even more Fallen descended from another skiff – the Baron must have called for backup – but now the air itself crackled with the multiple shots from their wire rifles. The constant fire kept Asseylum pinned down; she could barely survive a single shot, as one of them had sent her reeling painfully before the regenerative armour began healing her. To make matters worse, the Vandals were firing too close together to so much as return fire. The hostile aliens seemed to know their weaponry well enough to time their shots to eliminate any possible window of opportunity for her to do much of anything. If she hoped to so much as return fire, she would need both a lapse in their timing – "human" error – and be able to act quickly enough to take advantage of it.
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Whether the Fallen milling about the compound were inattentive due to the presence of their Ether Runner, some yet-to-be-identified ability which allowed him to move around undetected, or simple luck, Inaho managed to climb up a skeletal support far enough to reach the highest catwalk surrounding what had been a cooling tower. He silently admitted that his odds of reaching his current position had been abysmal, so a matter of luck was unlikely, and not simply because he hated to rely on chance. No, it appeared that the Fallen were inattentive in their sense of security, and that was something most definitely beneficial to him.

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It was ironic, really: Now that he finally committed to staying alive, Slaine figured his chances of surviving the current situation were slim. Those damned claw-wielding creatures were practically nipping at his heels, trailing him as he moved from cover to cover, while more advanced kinds – apparently named Vandals – held back, attempting to snipe at him from a distance with what seemed to be wire rifles. To make matters worse, the snipers were capable of calling up some kind of impervious shield; he had only discovered this annoying fact after wasting a few rounds of ammunition on the translucent, inky blue-black domes.

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All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

"Looks like some trouble below."

The Hunter known as Klavdiya Kalugina wolfed down the rest of her instant bread before jamming her helmet back on, as her Ghost killed the music. Once again, she was grateful that she had cut her hair ages ago. While it had never been especially long, it nevertheless would have caught on the armour had she not taken a razor to it; the messy bob look she now sported made things considerably easier. Pulling up the hood of her cloak with her left hand and grabbing her sniper rifle with her right, the Hunter rose to one knee and looked down through the scope. It didn't take long to find what her Ghost was referencing; the giant globes of shrieking black energy were hard to miss even from over two kilometres away.

Something was happening to the Fallen down below, and whatever it was looked especially bad.

All Along the Watchtower )

Note: OK, did some rearranging so that I'll be introducing Diya and Ali in this chapter at the end. At least that's the plan.
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There had only been so much circumventing that Asseylum had been able to do before she was unavoidably faced with more violence-minded Fallen. Even then, she still hesitated.

Though she had no way of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was something in how they reacted and chattered frantically with one another that suggested insanity. It was as if her Ghost had only scratched the metaphorical surface with her declaration that they had become slaves to the Darkness, erasing their volitions and controlling them from within.

But then again, she considered as she navigated the death-filled, twisting pathways which had once been city streets bustling with life, would insane beings possess this level of intelligence? Are their minds truly gone?

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Inaho had been reluctant to simply test one of his new abilities without engineering an optimal situation, but clearing out a bay of Fallen had produced, admittedly, not a bad result. The grenade had, rather than simply incinerating the hostile forces, instead forked into several seeking projectiles. That presented far more options than he had previously.

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"Well," the Ghost reported, sounding reluctant. "The good news is that I've found a ship."

All Along the Watchtower )

Note: FYI for the Destiny fans, the canon point is after the end of the main storyline (after the Black Heart is destroyed) but before The Dark Below, though as you can see, the Taken make an early appearance.
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The first thing she saw when she came to was that she held the hand of a skeleton. Frightened, she let it go, but as the bones fell to the ground, she couldn't help but feel a horrible sense of loss, as if this was a loved one or someone she knew. She couldn't comprehend why, but it just felt that way.

A Guardian Rises )

Note: I'll flesh this out later before I start the next chapter, but I wanted to have something out there. I'm fairly confident I've established enough of Asseylum's character to forge ahead. Also, she'll get a much bigger segment next time.
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As unsettled as he might have otherwise been by the situation he found himself in, Inaho Kaizuka felt strangely removed from both his actions and his surroundings. When he woke in the decaying ruins of what could have only been a spaceport, surrounded by a sea of wreckage amidst broken and rusted automobiles, it was not his emotions which rejected the possibility of having been dead for centuries. It should not have been possible according to the laws of physics, his logical mind insisted. Yet, he would not have simply fallen asleep in a destroyed complex, he was certain. The steppes beyond the compound were equally inhospitable: rocky wastelands of scrub-lined cliffs and freezing waters, which raised the interesting but not immediate question of what he had been doing in such an inhospitable setting.

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Notes: Inaho's characterisation will probably need some tweaking. I've worked with kids with autism before, but getting into their heads is much more challenging. And this chapter will need more work but I need to get the story moving in terms of action before I tweak it. Added considerably more to this chapter, as I need to have Inaho doing what Inaho does: pull off crazy plans involving physics. It'll be a two-fer since he'll do something nuts in this chapter and then something really nuts in the next one. I'm done with this segment though, since he'll be putting his plan into action in the next one.

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The light breeze stirred throughout the complex, a movement of air that led a soft parade through the cancer-blighted concrete and oxidized metal. A slight touch of wind moved past, leaving the whisper of sound behind, and as he awoke, Slaine Troyard could only recall two things: that he had a name, and that he was alive.

A Guardian Rises )

Notes: I will try to avoid describing Ghost's voice, since I know some players prefer Dinkle-bot to Nolan-droid and vice versa. Whichever voice readers prefer is the one to imagine speaking his lines. Slaine gets the Nolan-droid, Inaho gets the Dinkle-bot, and Asseylum will get a female-voiced one. (For some reason, I keep hearing Jennifer Hale's voice)

Also, when it goes live to AO3, here's the chapter title reference.

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We called it the Traveller. And its arrival changed us forever. Great cities were built on Venus, Mercury became a garden world. Human lifespan tripled. It was a time of miracles. We stared out into the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of other stars... but the Traveller had an enemy. A Darkness which had hunted it for aeons across the black gulfs of space. Centuries after our Golden Age began, this Darkness found us, and that was the end of everything... But it was also a beginning.
— The Speaker

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"Hello, Wyld Wind..." the man on the other side of the portal greeted Gavin as he descended the ramp. The following pause was somewhat dramatic, as if to lend weight to the fact that he knew the PPD officer-turned-assassin by more than simply his code name.

"... Or should I say Gavin MacGowan? I must say it's surprising to see one of the Powers Division here on Primal Earth. I can only assume that Provost Marchand sent you here to extend the olive branch, so to speak."

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Chase's bright, cheerful smile shifted into one of awe and wonder as he opened the small wooded box with what could only be called reverence. It was a miracle unto itself that the pieces had been found, carefully collected, and lovingly stored away. Even with the impressive resources of the Midnight Squad, acquiring the fragments of the lost relic proved challenging for the scholars of the arcane. Not the least of their obstacles had been the Mages Association.

Ye first, O silver, O iron... )
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After destroying the corrupted Holy Grail, Saber returns to her own time, but is once again summoned to a new city for an entirely new purpose. The Heroic Spirit known as "King Arthur" now finds herself in a city of heroes, defending the weak and battling against more dire enemies than she could have possibly imagined.

Prelude to Another Dream )

Notes: I might be doing a complete re-write of this and pulling Saber from the end of the prequel (Fate/Zero) instead, turning this into an AU of Fate/stay night rather than a sequel. I'm not really satisfied with her lack of real development in the original series, and this would probably be as good an opportunity as any to truly explore her character beyond the dating simulation game stereotype. Unlimited Blade Works was amazing and concluded the story in a satisfactory way, so I will either make this into an AU or else tweak it to take place after the True End.
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Inspired by actual enemy dialogue from a mission in the Rikti War Zone. Unfinished as of yet, so this is something of a preview. Enjoy!

It was not that Smr'Talek had been taken in by all the latest propaganda back on the homeworld. See the universe! Fight Earth terrorism! Pay for college! But the truth was that he did need the money: his folks had threatened to cut off his tuition and incidentals if he continued to avoid settling on a dedicated programme of study. Three years in and his records still read, "Specialisation: Undecided".

Smr'Talek got the distinct impression that the four of them thought he would never amount to anything. Well, he would show them.

Currently, he was regretting that decision. He certainly was not afraid of being killed in combat; he was an adolescent as far as Rikti went and as everyone knew, Adolescents: Immortal. But when the recruiters had promised plenty of excitement and exotic Earth locales, what they specifically neglected to mention was that by 'exotic Earth locales' what they really meant was 'less-than pristine storage facility' and by 'excitement' they meant 'monotonous guard duty'.

Smr'Talek admitted that it could have been a lot worse; the soldier instructors gleefully threatened him and his fellow recruits with sewer reconnaissance missions which he suspected were, in reality, simply a way to deal with the Army's problem children. That admission, however, did nothing to change the fact that it was still boring as hell.

"Guard Duty: Boring," Smr'Talek lamented to an Advanced Drone. The Drone, by contrast, did nothing save make that buzz-whoosh noise that Drones usually make. It regarded him impassively, like a wise Chief Priest who says nothing when confronted with a great dilemma. Or rather, like a stupid Advanced Drone with no mind of its own. With a sigh of resignation, Smr'Talek lumbered off to commiserate with someone with more than a collection of wires for brains.
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Due to bad weather in New York, we were forced to land in Paragon City, instead. The largest city in America (apparently Paragon City and New York constantly fought for that title), we would be spending the night here at the airline’s expense, then flown down to New York the next day. Having felt that merely arriving in America was enough, I chose to cancel the rest of the flight, deciding that I’d settle here instead. Here was where I would make my initial start, and regardless of wherever I ended up, it would be this place -- in the city they nicknamed the Birthplace of Tomorrow -- that I would begin my own tomorrows.

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Typically, it takes a monumental event to make a person see the larger picture, and for me, that cataclysmic event was the invasion of Earth by aliens. When I learned of the news over radio broadcasts, at first I thought it was just some stupid BBC show designed to scare people – hadn’t the Americans done the same thing with a show back in the 30s? It wasn’t until we were all addressed by a general from the Royal Army to apprise us of the situation that I realised that the greatest threat to Northern Ireland's sovereignty was not the English. No one in the United Kingdom or Ireland was safe from the devastation, and if this new enemy succeeded, Ireland would never be unified...mainly because there would be nothing left to unify her.

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