Sep. 9th, 2016

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Whether the Fallen milling about the compound were inattentive due to the presence of their Ether Runner, some yet-to-be-identified ability which allowed him to move around undetected, or simple luck, Inaho managed to climb up a skeletal support far enough to reach the highest catwalk surrounding what had been a cooling tower. He silently admitted that his odds of reaching his current position had been abysmal, so a matter of luck was unlikely, and not simply because he hated to rely on chance. No, it appeared that the Fallen were inattentive in their sense of security, and that was something most definitely beneficial to him.

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It was bad enough that even more Fallen descended from another skiff – the Baron must have called for backup – but now the air itself crackled with the multiple shots from their wire rifles. The constant fire kept Asseylum pinned down; she could barely survive a single shot, as one of them had sent her reeling painfully before the regenerative armour began healing her. To make matters worse, the Vandals were firing too close together to so much as return fire. The hostile aliens seemed to know their weaponry well enough to time their shots to eliminate any possible window of opportunity for her to do much of anything. If she hoped to so much as return fire, she would need both a lapse in their timing – "human" error – and be able to act quickly enough to take advantage of it.
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With the danger passed, the Hunter had the time to stare hard at the newbie she had helped out of his predicament. She had to admit that she had seen a lot of amazing things in her time, and thought she was at the point where very little was capable of surprising her. Such times when she was genuinely surprised were rare.This was one of those times.

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